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Service Journal Assignment - Spring 2016

Service Journal (20%). The purpose of this journal is to develop service delivery observation skills, apply theory discussed in class to each entry, and to reflect on your learning experiences as a consumer. Beginning the week of February 15th, keep a personal journal of service encounters organizations in a variety of contexts, e.g., mail, telephone, utilities, retail purchases, restaurant experiences, internet services. You should record key information (where, when, nature of transaction) as well as your perceptions/feelings, observations, and applicable theory to each service experience. It is recommended that experience summary's be composed on the same day you experience the service. The experience is easier and more accurate to recall. An addition, your analysis will be more comprehensive if you complete it soon after the actual experience .

Project Format & Deliverables:

1. Select 10 service encounters for your journal. Prepare a summary of each encounter. Suitable examples are will be distributed in class. Use one page per entry. Each journal entry is single spaced, 1" margin, 12 point font.

2. Compose a 3 page lessons learned double-spaced summary. How would you evaluate your service experiences? Can you formulate 3-5 principles based on your first-hand experiences? After completion of the journal, reflect on the service encounters and ask, "What did I learn from these experiences overall? What did I learn about myself as a consumer?" This section is important as it is evidence of what you have learned outside the classroom, your critical thinking skills, and your writing skills.

3. The Service Journal Work Session as noted in the class schedule will be focused on your experiences. Attendance is mandatory. Part of your journal grade (10%) is based on your participation. Be prepared to discuss the best or worst service experience from your diary. Your assignment must be turned in during the work session. As noted above, assignments turned in after that time will receive the 30% penalty. No exceptions! You have ample time to complete this assignment.


Earlier this evening my boyfriend and I joined two of our friends for dinner. At their request we met them at Fujia, a Japanese restaurant across town. It was approximately eight o'clock so the restaurant was quite busy. Despite the high occupancy, the hostess was able to seat our party immediately. After sitting down we were greeted by an elderly woman, dressed in traditional Japanese attire. Although her English wasn't perfect, she succeeded at presenting the menu items. Another waiter brought water to everyone at the table while our waitress explained our options and took down our orders. Both were friendly and enthusiastic to serve our needs.
We only waited fifteen minutes for our food, at which point the waitress refilled our drinks and made sure everyone was satisfied with their meal. Dinner was excellent and the service was terrific. Satisfied and full, we ended the evening very pleased with our restaurant experience.


Fujia demonstrated process, the actual procedures, mechanisms, and flow of activities by which the service is delivered. Employees at Fujia worked together to serve customers in a timely manner. Developing processes helps the employees be more responsive in serving customers. Responsiveness is the willingness to help customers and to provide prompt service. Drinks and food were delivered without having to endure long waiting times.

Waitstaff participated and interacted with diners to make their experience memorable. The restaurant incorporates the idea that employees are actors, humans who use their acting skills to deliver a service and influence the buyer's perception. Waitstaff dressed in traditional Japanese attire, and provided the customer with an opportunity to explore Japan, if only in their imagination.

My experience at Fujia was pleasant and enjoyable. The restaurant was successful in providing a relaxing atmosphere, and friendly waitstaff. Future diners can expect to be given prompt service and individual attention.


Today I went to the ChaCho's drive-thru and ordered a small Dr. Pepper and a guacamole salad. I was really hungry and slightly dehydrated so when I received my drink I drank it right away. To my surprise the lady in the drive-through window had handed me a Diet Coke. I do not like Diet Coke and my experience was made worse because I was not expecting it. I told the lady about the mix-up and she gave me a Dr. Pepper. Then I got my food and made sure that they had given me hot sauce, as I had asked. I was happy to see that they did; however, they had forgotten to give me a fork. I was so upset and hungry. This may not seem like much but I was already in a bad mood from the drink mix-up and just wanted to eat my salad. I did not go back and complain because I happened to have a fork in my car and just wanted to eat my salad.


Using the expanded mix for service which includes people, physical evidence, and process, it is clear that ChaCho's could use improvement in every aspect. When it comes to the issue of people, ChaCho's could train and make sure that their employees know how to interact with customers. When dealing with the employee at ChaCho's I received adequate service, level of service that a customer will tolerate. The employee asked me all the right questions and wasn't rude, but just couldn't seem to get my order right.
As far as the physical evidence, (the tangible components that facilitate performance or communication of the service) I was going through the drive-through so I didn't see the inside, but I did notice that the employee's uniform was dirty and their trash was right outside the drive-through window. Also, my missing fork and napkins would be an example of the lack of physical evidence.
The overall process which is the actual procedures, mechanism, and Now of activities by which the service is delivered, of this experience was adequate as well, To improve ChaCho's the waiter could have gotten my drink order right the first time and they could have made sure that I had utensils in my bag. You get what you pay for and the meal was not that expensive so I didn't waste time complaining. I also knew that my mood was on edge because I was hungry and didn't want to make a bigger scene than was necessary.

Reference no: EM131015146

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