Develop outline for a mentoring program for a single parents

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For this assignment, imagine the Senior Pastor at your church has asked you to develop a Mentoring Program for adult members of the congregation. You want to make sure the program incorporates elements of spiritual formation and growth.

Complete this template to develop the outline for a mentoring program for a single parents

I. Mentoring Program Ministry Guidelines:

List 5-7 ministerial guidelines those who act as mentors must follow. Remember to consider the specific situations that a mentor might encounter with the selected group. For instance, is it wise to have a married mentor work with a group of single mentees?

Provide a brief explanation of why you feel each guideline is important, as well as a biblical passage that supports the guideline.

II. Mentoring Program Ministry Plan:

Make a ministry plan for the mentoring program by listing a few topics mentors might discuss with the group, i.e., prayer, studying the Bible, loving others, etc. Under each topic, provide some examples or strategies on how the mentor could provide guidance on the topic. Provide biblical passages that support your examples or strategies, as well as explanations of church traditions that might be helpful.

III. Application of Spiritual Formation:

In 200-300 words write a Mentoring Program Purpose Statement that conveys to future mentors the purpose and structure of the mentoring program. Make sure the statement expresses how the mentoring program will help others grow spiritually. Incorporate concepts from the previous topics of this course into the statement.

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Reference no: EM13899132

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