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Microsoft is weighing setting up an R&D facility in India to develop new software applications. Should it staff the new facility with Microsoft employees? Indian employees? Or should it subcontract with an Indian firm? Explain your answer and some of the potential challenges in implementing it.

Reference no: EM131411350

Discussing the purpose of business research

We are discussing the purpose of Business Research and contrasting it to the purpose of Scientific Research. The purposes do overlap in some ways but are different in others.

Outline a plan that assess effectiveness of market structure

Outline a plan that will assess the effectiveness of the market structure for the company's operations. Analyze the major short run and long cost functions for the low-calorie

Potential downsides of cyber-loafing

What is cyber-loafing? Beyond a definition of the behavior, please provide facts & figures focused on the prevalence of the behavior, employer & employee concerns & the pote

The mexican supplier-t-shirts-delivery and duties

What are the individual costs per dozen for the Mexican supplier-t-shirts, delivery, and duties? What is the total cost per dozen? What are the individual costs per dozen for

Describe what policies that a new packaging product

Describe what policies that a new packaging product such as the TEDSBOX may need to be aware of if the manufacturer wants to sell his product, the TEDSBOX, to move unsalable f

If the objective of the production team is to reduce

The production department of the newspaper has embarked on a quality improvement effort and has chosen as its first project an issue that relates to the blackness of the new

The economic run size and the maximum inventory

A grocery shop that makes candles offers a scented candle, which can be produced at a rate of 36 boxes per day and used 12 boxes per day. Assume that demand is uniform through

Description of the motivational practices

How a contemporary company motivates employees to support the development of an effective and competitive organization.  Identification of a company that utilizes effective mo


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