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A RHIO is a group of organizations within a specific geographical area that shares healthcare-related information electronically according to national standards.

A RHIO typically oversees the means of information exchange within a geographic region and develops HIT standards for healthcare and institutional connectivity within that region(RHIO implementation 2011)

The RHIO is the essential element of the NHIN 0110 United States and its key components include the following:
- EMRs and EHRs used by healthcare professionals and clinician providers.
- Personal health records (PHR).
- HIE, which is a platform that facilitaes electronic communications among all interoperable healthcare entities within a geographic region.
- The RHIO, which organizes and oversees the other components of networked, interoperable EHRs.

Deploying RHIOs in various regions across the U.S. will enable interoperability of heath information. EHRs will not only help improve the standard of healthcare for patients, but it will also reduce the cost of healthcare.

The NHIN will ultimately synthesize all disparate healthcare data across all healthcare organizations while protecting patient privacy, security, and U,9200002 ownership of sensitive pa(ent and clinician data (RHIO ImplameMation, 2011).

You will work on two assignments in this module. In the first assignment, you will examine healthcare IT standards in the Patient Protection and Afford. Care Act and discuss how these privacy laws differ with regard to release and use of health information in public health practice as opposed to public health informatics in the clinical setting. In the second assignment (RA 2), you will research and create a presentation associated with developing a RHIO in which you will pmpose policies and mandates to ensure tat confidentiality and privacy of protected health information in the Centervale RHIO is maintained.

Reference no: EM131276943

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Please keep this in APA STYLE! Not a lot writing on the slides just on the notes.The RHIO, which organizes and oversees the other components of networked, interoperable EHRs.

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