Develop and manage a vital records program

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As the HIM supervisor, you are asked to develop and manage a vital records program. 

Using a sample of data from the vital statistics database from the State of Florida (USA) (use the Internet), develop a vital records plan, and an implementation and maintenance strategy to submit to the corporate records manager.

You can find sample data by using the internet to locate the Department of Vital Statistics in the state of Florida (USA).

Use samples that you find as your sample data. (Sample data could include births, deaths, fetal deaths etc…) Be sure that you are using healthcare vital statistics when completing you research.

Discuss how you would implement changes, based on the data and what will be the maintenance strategy for the data going forward.

A vital records plan could include how long you would keep these types of records, how they will be stored (electronically or paper) and how they will be processed (example: birth certificates will be uploaded electronically to the State within 5 days of birth- based on your State' law (State of FL), and what type of training will staff need to implement this plan.

Based on the sample data, provide a summary of priorities for the organization's records management committee.

An example would be when and how often the committee would meet and what type of information would be included on the agenda, along with who might be on this committee.

Include references in APA format

The assignment asks you to pretend you are the department supervisor.  Then you are to:

  • Pull information from the internet to develop a vital records plan
  • Describe the proposed plan in your paper
  • Set up priorities for the plan to be implemented, including how it would be presented to the Record's Management Committee



1. Vital statistics collected and summarized.

2. Implementation and maintenance strategy presented.

3. Summary of priorities discussed.

PART 2: In a separate paragraph:

Discuss the differences between morbidity and mortality.

How are they related in defining patient care?

What are some ways in which morbidity and mortality rates can help determine healthcare quality?


PART 3: In a separate paragraph:

What are vital statistics? Provide examples. How is this data collected, and used for health information purposes?


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Reference no: EM13704136

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