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Project Journal:

Part 1:

1. Develop and maintain a project journal for this phase of your project with date, summary of activities undertaken, actions completed and actions planned.

2. Draft a problem/opportunity definition

3. Define options to address problem/opportunity Structure options in a table with pros, cons, risks, expected costs, benefits

4: Write a System Vision statement

5: Write the Objectives for the project

6: Write a scope statement - list what is in-scope and what is out of scope

7: Conduct stakeholder analysis and identify all persons, groups and institutions who may have an interest in the project and the nature of their interest

8: Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS)

Analyse the project and produce a 1-page Work Breakdown Structure

9: Draft an interview agenda for your interview with the CEO, refer to the text and on-line for examples

10: Provide an "AS IS" process using Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) or UML (Unified Modelling Language)

11: Develop a "TO BE" process using BPMN or UML

Part 2:

Using the system information and the TO BE process

1: Write a list of the key functionality of the system (write a functional and non-functional specification)

2: Build a product backlog for the system by decomposing the features into stories (using Agile format "As a .... I want to .... so that..")
Product backlog should be in a spreadsheet format

3: COMPARE YOUR As is and to be diagrams to prepare a briefing note for the Organisational change and Training Team regarding the anticipated business impact of the system. You should make recommendations on how these business impacts can be managed

4: From a business perspective categorise the backlog using the MOSCOW method and identify the stories that makes your minimum viable product

5: Develop a screen design for two MUST stories created in Task 10 and identify any business rules; justify your design

6: Write all acceptance criteria for these two stories to be done

7: Write a Job Description for a Business Analyst

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Reference no: EM13707511

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