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Develop and implement an employee hiring Web application using Model 2 architecture, that:

  • requires department and employee information from the user
  • stores the new employee personal and hiring data into flat files
  • displays all the employees hired so far and their relevant hiring data (note that this is the only functionality that you have to add to what Example 9 from online Module 3 demonstrates).

The application must use flat text files Departments.txt, Employees.txt, and Hiring.txt to store and/or retrieve its data.

  • The Departments.txt file should contain pairs of: name, description.
  • The Employees.txt file should contain quartets of: name, jobTitle, yearHired, gender
  • The Hiring.txt file should contain pairs of: employeeName, departmentName.

The Web application's form should contain:

  • a combo-box for selecting which department: Human Resources, Software Development, Media Relations
  • four text boxes for entering employees name, jobTitle, yearHired, gender
  • a button for submitting and processing the hiring.



Human Resources

<your choice>

Software Development

<your choice>

Media Relations

<your choice>

The Employees.txt, and Hiring.txt files should be populated through the Web application.

All the input and output should be handled by the view (no Java code implementing input checking or business logic should be placed in the JSPs). All entry information should be properly checked by the controller. All the business logic should be handled by the model.

Reference no: EM13802206

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