Develop an activity diagram for the scenario

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Task 1 Data Flow Diagram - Context Diagram and Level 0 Diagram (20 marks):
You are assigned a role to develop a new system based on the project case study. Draw a context diagram and a level-0 DFD for it.

Task 2 Use Case Diagram:

Draw a use case diagram by using the Level-0 DFD that you provided in Task 1.

Note: Your use case diagram directly relates to the information in Level-0 diagram, but it will also relate to the same system presented as in the context diagram.

Task 3 Domain Model Class Diagram:

Develop a domain model class diagram for the system based on the project case study.

Task 4 Activity Diagram:

Develop an activity diagram for the scenario.

Task 5 System Sequence Diagram :

Using the Activity Diagram above, produce a system sequence diagram, i.e. only include two swimlanes - one for the actor (PSSM employee) and the other for the entire system as a system class object.

Reference no: EM13935775

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