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Enterprise Applications Development Assignment - PHP, Angular and AJAX

Introduction - The assignment needs to be completed individually. You are required to develop a web application to process XML and JSON data. The application will use PHP, Angular and AJAX.

Preparation - The website will use data from an XML file, a database table, and a JSON file, as explained below.

1. Create an XML file which contains data of employees (say, employees.xml). The elements should be:

  • employee_id; attribute email
  • lastname
  • firstname

2. You will need a database table which contains data used to validate users before they are able to log into the website. Create a login table in Deakin Oracle SSID database with the appropriate fields. Once a user is logged in, they should have different views depending on their privilege. A "normal" user may only lookup data in employees.xml; an "administrator" should be able to insert employee data into employees.xml.

3. Populate employees.xml and the login table with some data.

4. Download the JSON file called sensor.json. This file contains environmental data captured from environmental sensors. Users will be able to lookup data in sensor.json.

Requirements -

1. Login page - Create a Login page which accepts a username and password. Create two username/password for testing:

  • admin/SIT780 (grant the user administrator privilege)
  • guest/SIT780 (grant the user normal privilege)

Ensure that passwords are not stored as plain text in the database.

Captcha needs to be used in the login page to ensure that a human-being is attempting to login.

2. Welcome page

After successful validation, a welcome page should be displayed. The welcome page should display a welcome message and also clearly state the privilege assigned to the user (normal or administrator). Create a menu to navigate to the options in #3, #4, #5 and #6 below.

3. Use Angular to display data from sensor.json

sensor.json contains environmental data captured from sensors placed around a school. Create an Angular application to display sensor.json in a HTML table. Refer to the example: Display JSON in Angular.

4. Display employees data - Use DOM parser to process employees.xml and display data in a HTML table.

5. Search employee data - Provide a Single Page Application, using JavaScript or jQuery, to search employees.xml by firstname or lastname. Results should be formatted appropriately and displayed.

6. Insert employee data - Only an administrator should have access to this option. Provide an interface to accept values for employee_id, email, lastname, and firstname. The data should be appended to employees.xml

7. Report - Write a short report (600-800 words) addressing the aspects below.

  • Explain secure storage of passwords in the database.
  • Explain how Angular is used to read sensor.json.

Attachment:- Assignment File.rar

Reference no: EM132306208

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The assignment needs to be completed individually. You are required to develop a web application to process XML and JSON data. The application will use PHP, Angular and AJAX. You need to submit: The URL of the 'home page' of your system on Deakin server; for example, if your username is atuls and you have put your assignment in the folder /public_html/, Submit all your source files as a zipped (.zip or .rar) file.

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