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Case Study

Complete the case study 6-9 -Developing a Training Plan located in your textbook Case Studies for Health Information Management on page 302.

Submit your training plan. CASE 6-9 developing a Training Plan Most of your entry-level employees were hired with very little work experience. They are a good group in that they are hardworking and want to learn. Unfortunately, they do not have all the skills needed to perform their jobs.

This has resulted in breaches of privacy, subpoenas not arriving in court on time, wrong charts being pulled, misfiles, and deficiencies assigned to the wrong physician. Their frustration level is high, which sometimes manifests in rudeness to the customers.

1. Develop a training plan for each of the following HIM functional areas:

. Record analysis . Documentation improvement

. Release of information

. Reception and customer service

. Maintaining the file area (either paper records or electronic management for information collection and retrieval)

. Processing loose material (either filing in paper record or scanning information).


2. Include the specific topics to be covered, the amount of time that you plan to devote to training for each group, and how you will cover their responsibilities during the training.

3. How do you prioritize who gets trained first and what type of training is conducted first?

Reference no: EM132184888

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