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Assignment: Tasks: There are two parts to this assignment, i.e. part A and part B.

A. Investigate, design and develop a suitable VPN network for an SME by addressing the following criteria. See detailed instruction in the next section.

B. Presentation

Part A description: There are two areas to consider for VPN network design in this assignment.

1. Design a network for an SME

2. Build VPN services for the users

Contents must include:

? Introduction

? Scopes and Limitations

? Requirements (Network parts and VPN service parts)

? Solution Design

a. Logical Design

b. Physical Design

c. Network Topologies

d. IP addressing

e. Security features and Policies

f. Redundancy and Failover plans

g. VPN service implementation

? Refer the sample document included in below for network design, and consider how to implement VPN services onto the network. Do not copy the contents of the sample in your work as it is regarded as plagiarism.

Part B description: Prepare slides (between 10 - 15 slides) for presentation during the lab class. The solution of VPN services and network design shall be presented with 15 minutes for a group during week 11 Lab class. Presentation slides should be submitted in Moodle prior to the presentation for marking. No other options (e.g. hard copy, memory stick, website, email etc) will be considered but the presentation file submitted in Moodle.

Students should be able to demonstrate their achievements in the following unit learning outcomes:

1. Develop architectural VPN designs for small, medium and large businesses and corporations

2. Report on the health of the existing VPN architecture, solution, data, application, and technology

3. Investigate and justify the appropriate design and solution for different organisations

4. Analyse and report on the current and future state of the management of VPN infrastructure and its technologies

5. Define a roadmap process to transform the VPN architecture to support long-term organisational goals

6. Implement a process to support the administration and the management of VPN

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