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You are required to develop a risk management plan for a company of your choice, or for an area of the Registered Training Organisation in which you are studying. Your risk management plan must include:

- a detailed stakeholder analysis;

- explanation of the risk context;

- critical success factors;

- identified and analysed risks;

- treatments for prioritised risk;

- details of the monitoring arrangements; and

- an evaluation of the risk managements plan efficiency in treating risks

- all required forms for implementation within a workplace (to be developed by you) Your evaluation of risks must include

- considering the likelihood of the risk occurring

- considering the impact of the risk

- determining which risks are most significant and are therefore priorities for treatment Your action plans should include

- what actions are required

- who is taking responsibility
- time lines

- monitoring processes

Your risks may include those relating to:

- commercial relationships

- economic circumstances and scenarios

- human behaviour

-  individual activities

-  legislation

-  management activities and controls

-  natural events

-  political circumstances

-  technology

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Reference no: EM13673961

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