Develop a plan to improve your communication skills

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For this assignment, you will develop a plan to improve your communication skills in ONE particular area by the end of the semester.  You will be required to assess the success of your plan at the end of the semester in Part II of this assignment for the remaining 25 points, as indicated in the syllabus. Be sure to monitor the plan during the semester and make adjustments, if necessary, to increase your likelihood for success.

Think about what you hope to gain this semester as you learn more about human communication. What are some communication situations or interactions that concern you more than others?

Identify an area of concern regarding your ability to communicate effectively and develop personal goals for improving certain communication skills by the end of the semester. Then write a detailed four-part goal statement, as follows:

1. State the problem.

2. State the specific goal.

3. Outline a specific procedure for reaching the goal.

4. Devise a method for determining when the goal has been reached.

Reference no: EM131375486

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