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Infinity Games is a sole proprietor business, specialising in selling board games, card games and playing cards. Their shop lot occupies approximately one acre of floor space and is located in a metropolitan city. By most standards, the shop is huge and customers have difficulty in finding their way around. The owner of the business has contracted you to develop a website providing information about the shop. The website is not an online ordering system. Instead, it is a website to provide more information about the shop layout and the selection of merchandise it sells. You have been provided with the following initial and technical specifications:

Memo: Website Requirements
From: Infinity Games, Senior Management
To : ICON UX R&D Group Consultants

Design and develop a website. The idea is to provide information to potential customers visiting Infinity Games premises. The goal is to allow potential customers to obtain an overview of the shop layout and to obtain details of the selection of games offered by the shop.


Resources such as images and details of opening hours can be found in ProResource.ZIP. The content of the ZIP file is:

1. Four folders named Board_Games, Card_Games, Playing_Cards and Chess. Each folder contains images relating to the different categories of games.

2. A text file Game_List.txt contains the names of the games corresponding to each of the image from each folder. You need to use these names as the official description of the games on your web site.

3. A text file Shop_Hours.txt containing the business and opening hours of the shop.

4. Logo.png - an image of the logo of the shop.

5. Floor_Plan.jpg - an image of the shop's floor plan.

General Requirements

The managers of Infinity Games insist that the following requirements must be adhered to:

1. Each webpage of the website must display the shop logo. You can edit this image, but the font style, type and colour must remain as in the original image.

2. Do not change the proper names of the games. Do not rename the filenames of any of the images.

3. All images of each game must be presented to potential customers.

This can be done within one webpage or distributed across several web pages. The idea is to ensure that potential customers are made aware of the complete selection of games the shop carries.

4. The images are to be used as it is. You can resize the images retaining the original aspect ratio, but do not crop or edit (e.g. re- colour, touch up, sharpen, etc.) or rename the images in any way.

5. Generate a separate page providing the opening and business hours. The details are found in the Shop_Hours.txt file.

6. Infinity Games, also happens to be the official sponsor for the city's annual chess competition. Your webpage design should provide prominence to the selection of different types of chess games available for sale by the shop. You should ensure that the menu selection for the chess room should be different to the other game rooms (i.e. Board_Games, Card_Games, Playing_Cards).

On the specified due date, you are to deliver one report and an example of a prototype for the management approval process.



You are to complete the following task in the order given:

Task A: Carry out user and task analysis. You must have a clear view of the users of this system. Consider that not everyone is comfortable with the technology. For example, you need to deal with user variation such as age or language skills. Perform a user analysis, i.e. characterise the users and identify your potential users. Clearly identify the tasks the potential users perform, and in what order. These are all user interface design considerations that you should take into account.

Task B: Propose design and system requirements. Consolidate your findings from your user and task analysis with the given specifications into a design and system requirements. For example, the number of items to display, the screen size, what colours, how many different screens to display etc.

Task C: Develop a low-fidelity prototype using Storyboard (a minimum of 4 screens). Based on the above requirements, develop a preliminary design of the web user interface. At this stage, the prototype is basically a medium to support your initial concept and ideas. For example, the prototype should show where the ‘Business Hour' button is located or would it be possible to fit 20 images aesthetically on a single page, etc? You can use paper-based (e.g. paper and colour pencils etc.) or screen based (e.g. painting software) to sketch your design. Low- fidelity prototyping is mainly to allow designers to produce alternative designs expediently without having to go into depth or functionality. Think of low-fidelity prototyping as the 5D tool for: design, draft, decide, discard and do-over.

Storyboards can be hand-drawn or computer-drawn. Select the most satisfactory design and proceed with the following step.

Task D: Obtain user feedback. Invite 3 - 4 potential users (e.g. friends, family members, classmates, etc.) to provide you with feedback of your low-fidelity prototype (your storyboard). Carry out the evaluation according to prescribed methods as in Chapter 4 of your textbook (Shneiderman & Plaisant, 2010) or from other scholarly source. Use appropriate survey techniques. Analyse the data you have collected from the user evaluation and refine and improve on your initial design.

Task E: Develop high-fidelity prototype based on the user test feedback and recommendations from Task D. The high-fidelity prototype should be a reasonably complete version for the Infinity Games website and does not need to work as a complete website. A minimum of 4 screens should be produced in correspondence to your Task C storyboard. High-fidelity prototype must be computer-drawn and any drawing software is acceptable.

Task F: Write a report. Produce a report to document the tasks and the outcome of your efforts undertaken for the project. Remember, this report is intended for your employers. You need to document and support the viability of your website - that is, to convince your employer that your webpage design is satisfactory and that it meets user acceptance test.

Format of Report

For the purpose of this project you are assumed to be a professional. As such, you should attempt at your best to reflect this quality in the preparation of the report. As a minimum, the report should contain the following:

1. Introduction - State the purpose and objectives of the report.

2. Body of discussion - This is the main section where you should document the various stages and outcome of your activities. In this section, please address the following items:
- A brief outline of your design
- User and task analysis
- A list of user requirements
- How your design is aligned with HCI principles
- A summary of user feedback on your low-fidelity prototype (please do not include raw data, i.e. questionnaires in the body of the report. Questionnaires and user responses should be included in the Appendix)
- How Infinity Games could carry out a user acceptance test on your highfidelity prototype

3. Conclusion - This is basically a summation, consolidating the main points of the report.

4. A list of references

5. Appendix - includes the low fidelity prototype, high fidelity prototype, and questionnaires and user responses collected in Task D.

- Word limit for this assignment is between 2000 and 2500 words, excluding the Appendix and list of references.
- Figures or diagrams can be added if necessary
- References (a minimum of 10) must be provided in the Body of Discussion section.

Reference no: EM131061904

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