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You are currently a customer for a college education, a very expensive service product. You know that a service organization can create a competitive advantage by focusing on how the service is delivered after it has been purchased- making sure the service is efficiently and comfortably delivered to the customer.

Develop a list of recommendations for your school for improving the delivery of its service. Consider both classroom and nonclassroom aspects of the educational product.

Reference no: EM131285625

Problem regarding the information systems security

You are the Information Security Officer for a small pharmacy did Has recently been opened in the local shopping mall. The daily operational of a pharmacy is a unique busine

Loan payment using the expression builder

Add a new field named Loan Payment using the Expression Builder. Insert the PMT function to determine the monthly payment for a 2-year loan, paid monthly, with a 5% yearly i

Marketing products and services internationally

It is a responsibility of the global firm to ascertain the level of importance of various aspects of culture. Companies’ operations need to recognize and adjust to the cultura

What management ideas could be used to help organizations

What methods are used by managers to keep everyone in the loop and in the evolution of many current organizations, what management ideas could be used to help organizations be

Which setting do you like best and why

Right-click on a spot of your desktop that is not covered by an icon, window, or menu. When the menu comes up, play with the options under the "Sort By" menu. Which setting

Describe concept of total quality management

Describe the concept of total quality management (TQM) and major TQM techniques, such as quality circles, benchmarking, Six Sigma principles, quality partnering, and continu

Amount of carry-on luggage for passengers

Consider the problem faced by an airline (QANTAS) when it wants to reduce the amount of carry-on luggage for passengers. Assume there are two possible approaches: ‘current p

Describe approach to total rewards

Describe their approach to total rewards (what did they include and why). Identify their target labor demographics (who are they trying to attract and retain just veterans or


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