Develop a high-level plan for implementing the changes

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Implementation Plan

Instructions: Develop a high-level plan for implementing the changes and mitigating vulnerabilities and convergence issues. The high-level plan should include all the system development life cycle (SDLC) gates/decision points and all relevant tasks. Describe and relate the implementation solution to CIA and incorporate, people, processes and technology to this plan.

This is a combination of a paper and a detailed list of steps and resources that you would follow to implement and complete this project. Think about all of the actions, resources, and tasks that you would need in order to effect a successful implementation. These should also be included as part of the plan. The instructor may provide a template to use with this assignment. The minimum structure for this assignment is below:


? Purpose of Plan


? Business Goals and Objectives

? Project Goals and Objectives


? Scope Definition

? Items Beyond Scope


? System Development Life Cycle/Schedule

? Milestones


? Project Assumptions


? Project Constraints

? Critical Project Barriers.

Reference no: EM13758958

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