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Assignment Proposal

Word Count: 1,000 to 1,250

Scenario: You have now, due to a remarkable stroke of brilliant networking, left the company you originally worked for during assignment two because, while in the process of evaluating the company you chose for assignment two, you (being the charismatic person you are) made some invaluable contacts and negotiated yourself into a better position at the very company you evaluated! As Milton might reminisce, fate has a strange way of meandering through the lives of its participants. There is no time for philosophizing now, though, because you find yourself in an enviable position in management, and the first task you have before you is to generate a proposal based loosely on some aspect of the evaluation you conducted for assignment two. You may propose, for example, a new marketing strategy. Perhaps you have an idea for a new advertisement. Alternatively, you may propose a new internal business policy to enhance the efficiency of the company you evaluated. The evaluation you generated for assignment two may not have been exhaustive, but it certainly provided an opportunity for detailed insight into the company at hand. Consider how the company may go about either (1) improving upon certain strengths you identified or (2) addressing and remedying any weaknesses the evaluation uncovered. You might first, as a form of pre-writing, want to conduct a targeted SWOT to refine your analysis of the company, but remember, consider such an exercise to be a form of pre-writing. The ultimate goal of the proposal is to offer real and practical suggestions to improve the company you considered for essay two. Ultimately, the proposal must be specific, and you must defend that proposal. Timelines and budgets should be a part of the proposal, and you may want to consider the use of visual aids to help explain these aspects of your proposal. Any number of proposals could be made to satisfy this assignment, so you have some latitude here, and you should have general familiarity of the company because of the work you completed during assignment two.

Consider all relevant logistics and statistics regarding the company you evaluated for assignment two. Now, develop a detailed and specific proposal on a subject of your choosing for the company. Avoid "magical thinking" -- the repository of unreasonable expectations and unlimited resources. Consider and clearly identify your audience for the proposal, and use those strategies from lecture, discussion, and the texts you believe are most effective to accomplish your goal. Counterarguments, in an effort to avoid the logical fallacy of slanting, should be a part of the response. The proposal, a specific form of a short report, may very well require research to rise to the burden of proof, and the stronger responses likely will include a number of secondary sources to support the framework of the proposal. After you identify the subject of your proposal and your audience, begin a draft of your paper. You are welcome to use parts of the second assignment you drafted, but cite them according to MLA as sources (unless otherwise instructed by your TA) if you do so (in text and in a "works cited" page).

Submit your final paper to SafeAssign before class on Tuesday, February 21st.

Additional writing expectation: Write a sentence that uses a semicolon, and underline that sentence.

This assignment must be formatted according to the direction of your TA though there is an expectation of clear citation any time you use outside material. Also, all work should be meticulously organized and thoroughly proofread. The total page length for this assignment is 1,000 to 1,250 words, so this assignment will be shorter than assignment two.

Reference no: EM131393523

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