Develop a contingency plan to mitigate risk for this event
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You are installing a new network and it includes an upgrade of software.

Develop a contingency plan to mitigate risk for this event.

The contingency plan must address the following elements:

Where should staff meet in the event the network is not accessible?

Who has the authority to initiate a contingency plan?

Which staff members are critical and must be on-site or always reachable?

Where are the back-ups and how are they restored to go back to the old version of software? . Who can cover for each critical staff member?

What are single points of failure and how can those risks be ameliorated?

What systems, vendors, and partners pose risk should they fail? . Who is responsible for communicating with customers, and how?


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"A fictitious company is planning to upgrade the network and a major software. In the write-up, a contingency plan has been proposed for the company. The contingency plan has clear outline to cover the issues that may arise during the project. The issues range from technical issues to customer communications. The contingency plan will help to manage the project successfully."

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    I have a slight idea of the answers to all the questions in my assignment. but I was not 100% sure and cannot take the risk because it's in my course major and occupy 10% grades. You guys helped me to save my grades. If i would have attempted all answers by myself, half of them would have been completely wrong. thanks a lot for the accurate and convincing answer style. See you soon with another assignment.

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