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Question: (Teen fitness program!)

Develop and submit a comprehensive and detailed Event Proposal of professional quality and style.

The proposal will include the Following Subheadings: Description, Six Critical Dimensions; Event Elements; Timeline, Implementation; Marketing Plan, Marketing Materials (brochure, flyer, e-mail messages, facebook posts, twitter posts, Instagram, etc.); Budget Justification, Budget, Site/Venue Details and Diagram Site Plan, Logistical requirements, Infrastructure requirements, Safety and Security, Décor and Staging, Activities, Information (data) Management Plan, and Evaluation Plan.

Be particularly attentive to the significance, innovation, approach and environment of the event your are proposing

Detailed instructions:

Event Proposal

Your proposal will be lengthy (likely 40+ pages). Please format it as you would if you were actually presenting it to funders or your superiors for review. Be sure to look at the ‘report' and ‘proposal' templates which are available online and on MAC and PC word programs.

Please present your best work (professional) as your final submission. Your final product should be clear, detailed and comprehensive with a professional appearance.Suggested Organization:



Event Goals Event Objectives Strategies to achieve Objectives

DESCRIPTION Overview Describe overall event Identify keynote speaker - explain why speaker was selected Six Critical Dimensions of the event experience identify and describe how you are managing them: Include as subheadings. List and describe the Event Elements

TIMELINE Detailed Planning timeline Detailed Event Production timeline (Day of the event -what happens when with actual hours etc.) EVENT MANAGEMENT collateral materials admissions control systems attendee services you will provide protocol requirements MARKETING Marketing plan (what will you do, when will you do it, and who will recevie it?) Provide ALL marketing materials (flyers, brochures, e-mail blasts, facebook posts, etc). These must be developed and presented in professional quality. (DO NOT just say these things ‘will be developed'). Actual materials must be included in your proposal and should include: Press Release Public Service Announcement to Radio and/or TV to get coverage be sure to include ALL contact info E-mail scripts and schedule of distribution E-mail 1: Insert Subject; Date of Release: List of Recipients, continue for all E-mails Facebook 1: Topic Line, Posted where or to whom, date of Release Twitter 1: Posted where or to whom, date of Release Brochure Flyer

VENUE Describe the site/venue explaining why/how this venue is ideal for this event Provide an accurate diagram site plan. Be sure to identify all event elements within the site plan.

LOGISTICS Explain the logistical requirements associated with this program and how they will be incorporated into your overall event plan and budget.

INFRASTRUCTURE describe the infrastructure requirements and plans transportation, parking, waste management, utilities, labor etc

SAFETY safety and security plans on-site communications first aid and medical services

DÉCOR Describe the décor in detail Describe and diagram staging Describe and give examples of ALL signage

TECHNOLOGY List technology and media equipment and technicians needed for the event

PROGRAM Overview of Program Describe Entertainment Components Provide logistical requirements associated with each element

BUDGET----Detailed budget outlining ALL specific costs for event components (be sure you are within the stated budget).

INFORMATION (Data) MANAGEMENT Outline and describe the data management plan you would employ for the event (registration information, vendor information, evaluation information,financial information etc). What data will you collect? (name, address, etc???) How will you collect the data? To whom and how will the data be distributed? How will the data be stored?

EVALUATION Describe how the overall event will be evaluated, how the evaluation will be completed and how outcomes will be used. From participant perspective From vendor perspective From organization (sponsor) perspective Describe performance evaluation of staff and how the evaluation will be completed vendors volunteers

Reference no: EM132183833

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