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Resources: "Presentation Fundamentals" with Tatiana Kolovou on, Instructions for Completing a Video Technology managers look for three critical fundamental skills from the IT professions hired today:

  • - The ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing across all stakeholder levels
  • - The ability to work in a team
  • - The ability to think critically

You are on your second interview for a position in an Information Services Department. You will be presenting to a group of your peers, so they can see if you have good presentation skills. Your task is to:
Option 1:

  • Create a presentation containing eight to ten presentation slides including Introduction, Conclusion, and Reference slides.
  • Include speaker notes with each slide.

Option 2:

  • Create a video using the instructions in the Course Materials

For either option:

  • Describe one of the following type of systems:
    • - A Transaction Processing System (For example, POS, ATM, Online Ordering)
    • - A Functional Department System (For example, HRIS, Finance, CRM)
    • - An Enterprise Resource Planning System
  • Describe the components or subsytems of the system and what business function they address.
  • Identify one vendor or open source solution for the system you chose to describe.
  • Discuss why you chose this system and how it will affect the overall business functions of the organization.

Note. Be sure to include supportive graphics and appropriate backgrounds and styles. All references need to adhere to APA guidelines and images should not be copyrighted unless cited properly.

Reference no: EM131248041

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