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Raul lives in Georgia. He creates custom paintings and sells them at a weekly art fair near Atlanta. Sarah lives in Vermont. While on vacation in Georgia, she buys one of Raul's paintings for $500. Soon after she returns home, she decides the painting is ugly, calls Raul, and demands a refund. Raul refuses. Sarah wants to sue him in Vermont. Raul has never been to Vermont and has never sold a painting to anyone else from Vermont. Do Vermont courts have personal jurisdiction over Raul? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM13952488

Explaining cyber crime

Explaining cyber crime, Conduct Internet searches on different crimes that could be considered cyber crimes or that could be committed using computers as the primary method

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Using the state of Arizona, Florida, or your own state, find a state or other local ordinance that specifically permits or prohibits the use of LSVs on public roads and explai

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Discuss efforts made by united states to combat terrorism

Provide an overview of the incident. Discuss the efforts made by the United States to combat this terrorism. Outline underlying factors or history involving this terrorism a

Were they actually guilty of such misconduct

Why were the employees discharged? Were they actually guilty of such misconduct? Explain your answer. What is the basis of the employees' claim that the union had breached its

Identify what crimes were committed in this offense

From the general statement taken from the victim of a crime, identify what crimes were committed in this offense. Determine which crimes are considered index offenses and ho

Describe in writing the interagency collaboration process

Describe in writing the interagency collaboration process, network, relationships, and/or procedures that all responding partners should participate in during the prevent, r

What her best option to obtain additional capital to expand

Discuss a recommendation for an appropriate business organizational form for the business in the United States and for expanding the business in Japan. Explain the rational


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