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Business to Business Activities

Many towns and small cities have Web sites that they use to interact with their citizens. Describe three departments that should be included on the home page of a small town's Web site and describe the citizen interactions that should be facilitated by the site for each department. If you were designing the ?web site - what else would you include? Give examples of how it would benefit the community and its members.

Reference no: EM13821450

Potential multinational corporation

Describe the risks that a potential multinational corporation may no longer face as it ceases to be a domestic corporation. Discuss total and unique risks for a potential mult

Which machine if any should the company select at a marr

An engineer performed the following analysis to select the best machine, all of which have a 10-year life. Which machine, if any, should the company select at a MARR of 22%

Foreign exchange risk-exchange rates

In 250 to 350 words, describe foreign exchange risk and provide an example that examines how foreign exchange rates could cause a loss to the firm.

Calculate the tax on the sale of each asset.

Capital gain taxes Perkins Manufacturing is considering the sale of two nondepreciable assets, X and Y. Asset X was purchased for $2,000 and will be sold today for $2,2

At what price per share will preferred stock be offered

Flotation costs for an issue this size amount to 5 percent of the total amount of preferred stock sold. These costs are deducted from gross proceeds in determining the net p

What is the value of the missing cash flow

Present and Future Values The present value of the following cash flow stream is $5,985 when discounted at 10 percent annually. What is the value of the missing cash flow?

Calculate the interest rate on 20 year treasury securities

Calculate the interest rate on 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 10-, and 20-year Treasury securities, and plot the yield curve.b. Now suppose Exxon Mobil, an AAA-rated company, had bonds w

Discuss the results of the outsourcing decision

Identify a real-life outsourcing decision that has been made. Identify the specific reasons for the outsourcing. If information is available, discuss the results of the outsou


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