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You are the manager of a paper mill and have been subpoenaed to appear before a joint session of the Senate Consumer Affairs and the Senate Environmental subcommittees. The Consumer Affairs Subcommittee is interested in your testimony about the pricing practices of your company because a recent news magazine reported that your mark-ups are 250 percent. The Environmental Subcommittee will ask you to justify why the firm should not be charged a per-unit tax on the firm's output to compensate for the pollution it discharges into a major river. Devise a game plan for responding to the questions that will be raised in the joint session of the subcommittees.

Reference no: EM1315050

Computation of expected utility from health insurance

hat is your expected utility without insurance? Suppose you can buy insurance that will cover the medical expenses but not the foregone part of your salary. How much is an a

What is the value of its sales today

At a recent company meeting, Geraldine Erwin, sales manager of Dastoria, a flavored beverage producer announced, "We have increased our sales by 8 percent in just six months

How monetary policy effects gdp

Using the monetary tool(s) of your choice what would you do? You need to graph a money demand and supply graph, an Investment graph, and a GDP graph to show how monetary pol

What is the law of diminishing marginal productivity

What is the law of diminishing marginal productivity? How does the law of diminishing marginal productivity affect the cost of productions? Can you provide an example from y

Important role for economic and export growth

Foreign direct development (FDI) plays important role for economic and export growth of a country. As an economist, you are required to propose policy recommendations on how

Single most important economic principle

Thinking back on what you have learned in this course, identify the single most important economic principle learned and explain why it was more significant than any other p

Obtain an estimate of country-level tfp

Briefly interpret what the point estimates of the α and β coefficients would mean. Also explain how these estimates could be informative to verify whether the country-level

Calculating the growth rate of output

What is the inflation rate in Home? In Foreign? What is the rate of change in the nominal exchange rate? Which currency is expected to appreciate? At what rate? Explain.


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