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ACCESS DB homework

Create your own database. These assignments will be handed in and graded, as will the final version of the database.

This assignment is extremely important, because you need to make sure your database is designed correctly before you start actually creating it and populating it with data. So please spend an adequate amount of time on this.

NOTE: This is the first Final Database assignment, but it's the second assignment of this semester. Therefore, the name that you will need to attach to the file will reflect the number of the week. See below for the precise naming method I would like you to use.

Here's the assignment:

Based on the objectives described in the Final DB Project Description, plan out your database.

Decide how many tables you will need, and which fields will be in each one of the tables. Make absolutely sure your tables are fully normalized, so that there is no redundancy.

Specify the data type for all fields. Use the Leszynski Naming Convention for all table and field names.

Determine which relationships will need to be created, as well as the type of relationship. Clearly indicate the type (i.e., One-to-One, One-to-Many) for all proposed relationships. You should avoid Many-to-Many relationships for this database. That type of relationship falls outside the parameters of this class and isn't necessary in this file.

Decide which fields will be the primary key fields and which ones will be the foreign key fields of the different proposed tables.

Indicate which fields will be connected to which fields in the relationships. Make sure it is clear to me when I look at your tables which fields will be connected to which other fields, as well as what you are proposing as the type of join.

The best way to do this would be by drawing lines to connect the fields. If you do this in Excel or Word, you can use the Line tool (available on the Drawing toolbar) or one of the AutoShapes (also on the Drawing toolbar), or you can simply write out a description of the different relationships. Regardless of your method, make sure I understand your objectives with regard to the different relationships that you're proposing.

The following sample, which I did in Excel, will give you an idea of what I would consider to be a clear idea of how you would design the database. This example deals with a project database that keeps track of employees and the projects they're working on. Notice how the following items are clear from this description:

The name of each table, with the Leszynski prefix.

The name of each field, with the Leszynski prefix. (The field name prefix will tell me what you're proposing for the field type - Text, Currency, Date/Time, Number, etc.) (Remember that num is not the prefix we use for Number fields.)

The proposed primary and foreign key fields in each of the tables.

The type of relationship that will join each set of tables.

Hand in your table designs in either a Word or Excel document. Name the file <Your First Name> Week 4 Final DB. I do not want this handed in as an Access file.

I should warn you here: I really need you to name your files using this naming convention. If your files aren't clearly named, I will keep bugging you about it (as some of you have witnessed with last week's assignment).

Attachment:- Project_Data.xls

Reference no: EM13972958

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