Determine the weight of the bananas in newtons

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At an outdoor market, a bunch of bananas is set into oscillatory motion with an amplitude of 20.0 cm on a spring with a force constant of 16.0 N/m. It is observed that the maximum speed of the bunch of bananas is 40.0 cm/s. What is the weight of the bananas in newtons?


Reference no: EM13277342

Using the electrostatic interaction

Imagine that the force of gravity has been turned off, and we wish to keep the Moon in its current orbit around the Earth, using the electrostatic (Coulomb) interaction.

Determine the amount of voltage induced

A uniform magnetic field of 25 mT magnitude points into the page. The wire is 1.4m long and straight, but has a loop smack in the middle. Calculate the amount of voltage indu

Is the force exerted on roof in upward or downward direction

Through a thunderstorm, winds with a speed of 47.0 m/s blow across a flat roof with an area of 785 m2. Is the force exerted on the roof in the upward or downward direction?

Find the work done by the gas if the initial volume

Gas in a container expands at a constant pres- sure of 88 atm. Find the work done by the gas if the initial volume is 5 L and the final volume is 10 L . Answer in units of J

What would be energy of the photons comprising beam of light

Light from a laser hits the surface of cesium. With a minimum photon energy of 2.14eV being required to remove photons. When the surface of cesium is illuminated with this l

Find the maximum height that bill can fall without injury

A fully suited astronaut name Bill lands on newly discovered plant (called New) and goes on an exploration walk on the surface. Bill returns by a different path and finds th

What is the highest speed rock-radius of circle of motion

A 430 gram rock is whirled on the end of a string 45 cm long which will break under a tension of 22 N. What is the highest speed the rock can reach before the string breaks? (

Magnitude and direction of magnetic force on the particle

A particle of charge q = -8.7µC has a velocity of 625 m/sthat lies in the x—y plane and makes anangle of 65° with respect to the x axis as shown inthe figure below.


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