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This assignment is an analysis of William Shakespeare, his plays and their impact on Hollywood. The object is to better understand and appreciate similarities and differences between Shakespearean theatre and film as an art, and to gain insights into various aspects of society, as reflected in the film versions.

Select one of the following plays by William Shakespeare, which have also been made into a film.

Hamlet (vs. 1994 film The Lion King)
The Taming of the Shrew (vs. 1999 film 10 Things I Hate About You)
Romeo and Juliet (vs. 1996 film William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet)
Macbeth (vs. 2001 film Scotland, PA)
The Tempest (vs. 1956 sci-fi film Forbidden Planet)
examine and determine the various ways the film version departs from and/or adheres to the original play

offer reasons why these differences were more (or less) effective than the original

Factors to consider when preparing this analysis could include (but should not be limited by) the following:

the existence of critical issues in society at the time the film was made
while the plays are considered excellent examples of dramatic literature, the film versions (as art) are subjective
Shakespeare's storytelling to a theatre audience vs Hollywood's message to a larger mass audience

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