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As a financial consultant, you work with people who are planning to buy a new house. You want to create a worksheet containing variable data (the price of the house, down payment, date of the first payment, and borrower's credit rating) and constants (property tax rate, years, and number of payments in one year). Borrowers pay 0.5% private mortgage insurance (PMI) of the loan amount if they do not make at least a 20% down payment. A borrower's credit rating determines the required down payment percentage and APR. For example, a person with an excellent credit rating may make only a 5% down payment with a 3.25% APR loan. A per-son with a fair credit rating will make a 15% down payment and have a higher APR at 5.25%. Your worksheet needs to perform various calculations. The filled cells in column F indicate cells containing formulas, not values.

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