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Part A

Set out the main stakeholders in the MG Rover business at the time of its collapse. How would you determine the relative importance of their stake?

Part B

Think about MG Rover's actions in the case in terms of Carroll's pyramid of CSR - which responsibilities was it upholding, and how would you say it was ranking them? Do you think this is appropriate or inappropriate in this situation? Could it have done more to treat its employees ethically?

Part C

Arguments for corporate accountability and citizenship emphasize the declining power of governments and the increasing power of multinationals. How would you assess the relative power of the main actors in the MG Rover case?

Part D

Who, if anyone, should take responsibility for preserving jobs at Longbridge - the company, its directors, the UK government, SAIC, the workers themselves? Or is unemployment such as this simply a 'bitter pill' that workers have to take in the face of industrial restructuring away from heavy industry in developed economies?

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Reference no: EM13653151

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