Determine the reaction developed at contact point

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a cylinder of diameter 200mm and another of diameter 300mm are placed in a channel. If cylinder 2weights 800,1200N determine the reaction developed at contact point anf assume all contact surfaces are

Reference no: EM131178196

Conventional liquid fuels dissociate

When raised to very high temperatures, many conventional liquid fuels dissociate into hydrogen and other components. Thus the advantage of a solid oxide fuel cell is that suc

What is the rate of heat loss per meter of pipe

A pipe with OD 6.03cm, ID 4.93cm carries steam at 250deg C with h = 200 W/m^2.K The pipe is covered with 2.5cm of magnesia (85%) insulation followed by 2.5cm of polystyrene (k

Compare these numbers with gas phase values

Given that at typical liquid densities p σ3 ≈ 1 (p = N/V, and σ is the diameter of a molecule), estimate the mean free path of and collision frequency of a molecule in a roo

What is the minimum temperature rise possible

Air at 14.7 psia and 70 °F is compressed adiabatically by a centrifugal compressor to a pressure of 100 psia. What is the minimum temperature rise possible? Explain.

Color-coded map of surface temperature distribution

The structural components of modern aircraft are commonly fabricated of high-performance composite materials. These materials are fabricated by impregnating mats of extremel

What is the conversion and exit pressured pbr

What is the conversion - Smaller catalyst particles are used such that the pressure drop becomes significant and can be modeled by the expression and what is the conversion an

What is the new exit pressure and mach number

A constant-area duct is fed by a converging-only nozzle. The nozzle receives air from a large chamber at p1=600 KPa and T1=550 K. The duct has a friction length of 5.3, and it

Compute the mach number at the outlet

Nitrogen flows through a converging-diverging nozzle designed to operate at a Mach number of 3.0. If it is subjected to an operating pressure ratio of 0.5: Determine the Mac


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