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Anticipates that 120,000 units of product K will be sold during May. Each unit of product K requires four units of raw material A. Actual inventories as of May 1 and budgeted inventories as of May 31 follow: May 1 May 31 Product K  55,000 60,000 Raw material A  40,000 37,000 Each unit of raw material A costs $8; RPR pays for all purchases in the month of acquisition. Invoices that account for 80% of the cost of materials acquired will be paid within 10 days of receipt, entitling the company to a 2% cash discount.

Determine the number of units of product K to be manufactured in May. Compute the May cash outlay for purchases of raw material A. I'm using your information to double check my calculations.

Reference no: EM13320334

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9.102 For the BiCMOS differential amplifier in Fig. P9.102 let VDD = VSS =3 V, I = 0.2 mA, k1pW/L = 6.4 mA/V2; / VA/ for p-channel MOSFETs is 10 V, /VA/ for npn transistors

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