Determine the maximum value p for which the body is stable

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The cylinder of mass m and radius r rolls without slipping on the circular surface of radius p. Attached to the cylinder is a small body of mass m/4. Determine the maximum value of p for which the body is stable in the equilibrium position shown.

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Reference no: EM13933259

Set up a system of linear equations describing the traffic

Suppose the traffic flow along 9th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, x6, is restricted because of sewer construction. What is the minimum permissible traffic flow along th

Transportation alternatives for a bus depot

Problem 1: A small city four transportation alternatives for a bus depot based on three criteria: architectural worth, cost and public opinion. The serviceable life of the d

Temperature difference between the hot and cold streams

A vortex tube is used to separate an ideal gas at 10 bar and 375 K such that half the gas is collected in a cool stream at 1 bar and 255 K and the other half becomes a hot str

A particle traveled in a straight line in such a way

A particle traveled in a straight line in such a way that its distance (S) from a given point on that line after time (t) was S= 20t^3 -t^4 The rate of change of acceleration

Determining the isothermal compressibility

Derive an expression for estimating the pressure at which graphite and diamond exist in equilibrium at 25°C in terms of the specific volume, specific Gibbs function, and is

Evaluate the values of ultimate tensile strength

Evaluate the values of ultimate tensile strength, yield strength, percent elongation, fractural strain, and Young's Modulus of the selected metals of aluminum when subjected

What changes in discharge current and frequency of discharge

A wire EDM operation is used to cut out punchand-die components from 25-mm-thick tool steel plates. However, in preliminary cuts, the surface finish on the cut edge is poor.

Van der waals equation

Owing to safety requirements, the pressure within a 19.3 ft3 cylinder should not exceed 52 atm. Check the pressure within the cylinder if filled with 100 lb of CO2 maintaine


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