Determine the magnification of the image

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A dentist uses a mirror to examine a tooth that is 0.75 cm in front of the mirror. The image of the tooth is formed 14.0 cm behind the mirror.

(a) Determine the mirror's radius of curvature. _________cm

(b) Determine the magnification of the image.

Reference no: EM13334380

How large is the force exerted by the right-hand cable

A house painter is standing on a uniform, horizontal platform that is held in equilibrium by two cables attached to supports on the roof. How large is the force exerted by th

The light is incident at right angles to film

A uniform plank of length 5.9 m and weight 212 N rests horizontally on two supports, with 1.1 m of the plank hanging over the right support .To what distance x can a person wh

How far beyond the net would the ball hit the ground

An airplane is flying with a velocity of 90 m/s at an angle of 25 above the horizontal. When the plane is a distance 126 straight above a dog that is standing on level groun

What is the capacitive reactance

The first part asked for voltage across the capacitor at t=0.011s which is -11V. What is the capacitive reactance? Xc=1/(2pi*f*c) but what is f? Is this the right approach?

Evidence that elephants communicate via infrasound

There is evidence that elephants communicate via infrasound, generating rumbling vocalizations as low as 14 Hz that can travel up to 10 km. The intensity level of these sounds

Rest in a weak electric field

An electron is released from rest in a weak electric field given by -1.9 x 10-10N/C. After the electron has traveled a vertical distance of 1.4 µm, what is its speed? (Do no

What is the depth of the flow in the channel during periods

Due to concerns about the salt water content in the estuary, the discharge in the channel needs to be varied to mimic tidal effects. This means that for 12 hours a day, the

What is the force the left support exerts on the beam

A gymnast with mass m1 = 49.0 kg is on a balance beam that sits on (but is not attached to) two supports. The beam has a mass m2 = 119.0 kg and length L = 5.0 m. Each support


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