Determine the initial angular acceleration of the rod

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A slender rod is at rest in vertical position, with length of 1.5m. Then a force of 50 N. is applied at the bottom tip. Determine the initial angular acceleration of the rod and the acceleration of the points A and B

Reference no: EM13719998

Two spheres are hanging from cords

Two spheres are hanging from cords. The distance from the ceiling to the center of each sphere is 2m, and the coefficient of restitution is 0.75. If sphere “A” (mA = 2kg) is d

Determine the rotational speed at which the wire will break

The distance from the centre of rotation to the centre of the mass is 1.5 m and the diameter of the wire is 2 mm. If the ultimate tensile strength of the steel is 500 MPa, d

Determine the minimum power requirement for the pump

The impeller of a centrifugal pump has inner and outer diameters of 14 and 37cm, respectively, and a flow rate of 0.18m3/s at a rotational speed of 1200rpm. The blade width of

What is meant by shaft to shaft alignment

What are the four fundamental principles attached to the reverse-dial method? Also state the limitations of this method. What is meant by shaft to shaft alignment? Discuss the

Compressive force that may be applied on cylinder

A 120cm x 80cm plate is rolled into a 120cm long cylindrical shell (Using a 2cm overlap joint to create the cylinder). The shell wall thickness is 1.2mm. The material is AL-20

Calculate the period for small oscillations

The hoop to which the pendulum is rigidly attached rolls without slip ping on the horizontal surface. Neglecting the masses of the hoop and the rod, calculate the period for

Cooling of computer components

1. Answer the following true or false. Explain. (a) Work is done by a system on its surroundings if the sole effect on everything external to the system could have been the

Dew point temperature of combustion products

1. Butane (C4H10) burns with air, giving products having the dry molar analysis 11.0% CO2, 1.0% CO, 3.5% O2, 84.5% N2. Determine (a) the percent theoretical air. (b) the dew p


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