Determine the highest possible average flow velocity in duct

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The 60W fan of a central heating system is to circulate air through the ducts. The analysis of the flow shows that the fan needs to raise the pressure of the air by 50Pa to maintain flow. The fan is located in a horizontal flow section whose diameter is 30cm at both inlet and outlet. Determine the highest possible average flow velocity in the duct.

Reference no: EM13705497

Comparing a t-mobile usb wireless internet card

Write a 6 pages research paper Topic: Comparing a T-mobile USB wireless internet card using 4G technology with other companies USB wireless internet cards using Wimax tec

Calculate the mean velocity of the water

A new cast iron pipe is 5 km long and 15 mm diameter is used to convey water at a rate of 0.0150m3s-1. Given the absolute roughness of the pipe is 0.26 mm, density of water

Specify this frame using the dodge nomenclature key

Consult the Dodge bearing catalog for a take up frame at literature/index.html and specify a wide slot ball bearing take-up frame with 9-in. of travel a

Calculate the temperature at a radial position

Calculate the temperature at a radial position of 1 cm from outer surface and a distance of 0.5 cm from one end of the cylinder 10 seconds after exposure to the environment.

Driving force for steady-state

What is the driving force for steady-state known that  the concentration of nitrogen in the steel at the high-pressure surface is 2 kg/m3. How far into the sheet from this h

Finite-difference method of solution

Use the finite-difference method of solution to obtain qf when the convection and radiation coefficients are based on local, rather than average, tem- peratures for the fin.

What failure percentage would be expected in service

If the maximum load encountered in various applications is normally distributed with a standard deviation of 2 kN, and if part strength is normally distributed with a standa

Atmosphere and changes in kinetic and potential energy

Employing the ideal gas model for the air and ignoring irreversibilities within the tank and the turbine, determine the volume of the tank, in ft3. Heat transfer with the at


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