Determine the differential-mode gain and common-mode gain
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Instructions: Answer the questions below and show all algebraic steps.

Q1. Determine the differential-mode gain, common-mode gain, and CMRR, all in dB.


Q2. a. Determine the output voltage Vout for the circuit below assuming an ideal op amp with A = ∞.

b. Repeat part (a) with the op amp open loop gain A = 25.


Q3. In the circuit below, V1 = 0.5 + 0.5sin (2π(1000)t). Determine the dc voltage V2 and the value of resistor R10 so that the output voltage is Vout = 6 sin(2π(1000)t).


Q4. For the circuit below, determine the voltage at node3 and the current through R3. You should start by finding the Thevenin's equivalent circuit looking to the left of the D1 anode. Use constant voltage drop models for D1 and D2 with forward voltage of 0.7.


Q5. The source voltage V1 = 10 Vdc. Find the diode current using the iterative technique discussed in class. Assume the diode has VD = 0.7 V at ID = 2 mA and VT =25 mV. Perform two iterations only. Then calculate the percentage difference between the ID and VD of iteration 2 and the same values from iteration 1 using iteration 1 values as the reference.


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