Determine the core loss component of the exciting current

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The exciting current for a certain 50-kVA, 480-240V, 60 HZ transformer is 2.5 percent of rated current at a phase angle of 79.8 degrees. Sketch the equivalent circuit and phasor diagram for the no-load conditions and, assuming operation is in the step down mode, determine (a)the exciting current; (b)the core loss component of the exciting current; (c)the magnetizing current; (d)the core loss.

Reference no: EM13281381

How does this compare to the fdtd analysis of this antenna

Radiation pattern of half-wave dipole. Use the FDFD method in 2D cylindrical coordinates to model a half-wave dipole antenna, excited by an z field in a small gap, similar t

Develop a comparator circuit that takes two 2-bit operands

Develop a comparator circuit that takes two 2-bit operands (A and B, or A1 A0 and B1 B0) and gives a single bit output if A>B. Show the truth table for the circuit, K-map, a

Is the filtered noise also completely non-periodic

Examine the amplitude and phase spectrum of lowpass filtered noise (e.g. cutoff frequency 50 Hz, BUTTERWORTH filter 6th order). Do both exhibit stochastic behaviour? Is the

What is the concentration of electrons in the p-type region

The substrate concentration of a N-type semiconductor is ND=10^15cm^-3. the wafer is doped with NA= 1.1*10^15 cm^-3, so that a very lightly doped P-type region is created at

Why needed the cd to control the medium access

In today's typical Ethernet, the stations are connected to anEthernet switch using twisted pairs. In this case, do we still needCSMA/CD to control the medium access Explain

Calculate the given below

Two three-phase wye-connected loads are in parallel across a three-phase supply. The first load draws a current of 20 A at 0.9 power factor leading, and the second load draw

Calculate the effective length of the conductor

A conductor, 0.4 m long, lies between two pole pieces, with its length parallel to the pole faces. Determine the force exerted on the conductor, if it carries a current of 3

Discuss the importance of electrical isolation

Discuss the importance of electrical isolation when interfacing microcontrollers to higher voltage inductive circuits (motors). Include detail of how electrical isolation c


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