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I know the equation is : c2 = S (observed - expected)2 expected

A cross between 2 pink snapdragon plants produces 46 Red snapdragons, 115 pink snapdragons, and 42 white snapdragons. Your hypothesis is that the cross is Rr x Rr (Incomplete Dominance), and that the phenotypic ratio of the offspring is 1Red: 2Pink: 1White. Perform the Chi square test. What is your chi square value and is your hypothesis supported?


Reference no: EM1382121

Compare changes in the carbon cycle

Compare changes in the carbon cycle to that of the nitrogen cycle on human health. Create a conceptual graphical model for how changing the carbon cycle is likely to impact hu

Solution of tris acid

Determine how much in mL of .5 M NaOH total can you add to the solution in question 4 and still have a good buffer also Extimate the pH of a 0.05 M solution of TRIS acid (pKa=

Calculate the gene frequencies at each gene locus

A poll is made of four allozyme loci in a particular population. The alleles are labeled alphabetically according to the mobility of their products in electrophoresis.

Determine the genotype for an esterase locus

A botanist takes a sample of 300 plants from a population and determines the genotype of each one for an esterase locus. The locus has two alleles segregating in the populatio

Question about population genetics

An experimental population is started with a recessive deleterious allele (m) at a high frequency (p). The wild type homozygote (+/+) and heterozygote (+/m) have equal fitness

Find the frequencies in the next generation

The ß-hemoglobin locus in humans is implicated in resistance to falciparum malaria. Estimates of fitness vary geographically, but assume that, in one particular area with ende

Expected fitness of the b/b homozygote relative

Does this represent a significant section from the Hardy-Weinberg ratios? Further studies show that the absence of the A/A genotype is due to the lethal effect of the A allele

Question about mendelian genetics

Huntington disease is a rare dominant train auses neurodegeneration later in life. A man in his 30, who already has 3 children discoers his mother has huntingtons disease.


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