Determine the beta of a company

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(a) What are the key factors that determine the beta of a company?

(b) Define free cash flow. What is the significance of firm's free cash flow? What is the implication if firm has negative free cash flow in a given year?

(c) Analyze key factors that influence capital structure.

(d) Cannibalization should be reflected by reducing project cash flows. Explain.

(e) Every company should maintain AAA rating in order to minimize its cost of capital. Explain.

Reference no: EM132234765

Expected dividend yield and expected capital gains

Lucas Clinic's last dividend (D0) was $1.50. Its equilibrium stock price is $15.75 and its expected growth rate is a constant 5%. If the stockholders' required rate of retur

Write a letter announcing a decision not to renew a lease

The lease that T-shirts Plus signed fi ve years ago specifi es that either party can decide not to renew. All that is required is written notifi cation to the other party at

Find the value of the call

Consider the following binomial option pricing problem involving an American call. This call has two periods to go before expiring. Its stock pr=is 0.90. The stock pays a di

Assuming that the two plans have the same risk as the firm

Assuming that the two plans have the same risk as the firm, use the following capital budgeting techniques and the firm's cost of capital to evaluate their acceptability and r

Explain how interest rates influence the optimal choice

Wang Ming just won the American Powerball (lottery) and she must choose among three award options. She can elect to receive a lump sum today of $61 million, to receive 10 en

What will happen to the bond call-adjusted duration

Assuming interest rates decline substantially (i.e., they decline to 4 percent), discuss what will happen to the bond's call-adjusted duration and the reason for the change.

Four perspectives of the bsc

Indicate a measure for each of the four perspectives of the BSC that Just Dogs might useto help them track their performance. You should have four measures in each category.

Money market hedge on payables

Suppose that Vermont Corporation has net payables of 200,000 Mexican pesos in 180 days. The Mexican interest rate is seven percent over 180 days, and the spot rate of the Mexi


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