Determine the angular velocity of link AB about point B
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Task 1 - The slider-crank mechanism shown below has a crank radius which is 125mm the mechanism rotates at a speed of 500RPM.

Use a vector diagram to determine the velocity of the piston at the position given in the diagram. Determine the angular velocity of link AB about point B.


Task 2 - A two-cylinder engine has a stroke length of 0.3m. The cranks are set at right angles and the mass, which may be considered to be rotating at each crank pin, is 125kg. The planes of rotation of the cranks are 0.5m apart and they are symmetrically placed with respect to two flywheels that are 1m apart.

Use the table below and a vector diagram to find the magnitude and angular positions of the balance masses required in the flywheels at a radius of 0.4m.


Task 3 - (Only b) A flywheel has a moment of inertia of 20 kg/m2 and rotator at a speed of 25 rads/s. This is coupled with a second flywheel which is initially rotating at 35 rads/s and has a moment of inertia of 15 kg/m2.

(a) Determine the rotational speed when the clutch plates are engaged.

(b) Calculate the energy lost during engagement.

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