Determine the amount of entropy produced

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Helium at 70.0°F enters a 3.00 ft3 rigid tank that is filled to a final pressure of 2200. psia.

Assuming the tank is initially evacuated and that the helium behaves as an ideal gas with constant specific heats, determine the amount of entropy produced when the tank is filled (a) adiabatically and (b) isothermally at 70.0°F.

Reference no: EM131293922

What is the speed of the truck after impact

A car weighing 5000 lb traveling at 60mph strikes the rear of a 20,000 truck that is stopped but does not have its brakes set. A.) Both vehicles stick together and move in the

Moment due to two forces

As shown, a member is fixed at the origin, point O, and has two applied forces, F1 and F2, applied at the free end, point B. What is the moment about the origin due to the app

Estimate the fad of the compressor

Estimate the FAD (N.T.P.) of the compressor, and the relative humidity of the air entering the compressor - Select and size a suitable type of machine with regard to output FA

Deformed elastically under balanced biaxial tension

A sheet of metal was deformed elastically under balanced biaxial tension (σ x = oy, σ z = 0) A. Derive an expression for the ratio of elastic strains, ez/ex, in terms of the e

Predict ratio of average graphite ?ake

Class 20 and class 60 gray cast irons have tensile strengths of about 20 and 60 ksi respectively. Assuming that the fractures start from graphite ?akes and that the ?akes ac

Two construction workers each of mass m raise

Two construction workers each of mass m raise themselves on a hanging platform using pulleys as shown above. If the platform has a mass of 0.9 m, the initial distance between

Determine the volumetric discharge rate from the nozzle

Assume that the level of water in the tank remains the same.- Determine The volumetric discharge rate from the nozzle; - The pressure and velocity at points A, B, C, and D.

The entropy generation of the pump

Water enters a pump at 120 kPa and 25 C degree at a rate of 1.5 kg/sec and leaves at 4 MPa . The pump has an efficiency of 75% . Determine The actual power input in KW. The en


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