Determine its initial angular velocity and retardation

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The drive to a flywheel is disconnected and in 30 s it is seen to have rotated through 120 revolutions; 30 s later it finally comes to rest. Assuming the angular retardation to be uniform, determine (a) its initial angular velocity, (b) the angular retardation.

Reference no: EM13940634

Method available-australia to protect intellectual property

Prepare a report on the various types of methods available in Australia to protect intellectual property - The strategy's main items should include what to protect, what co

Derive the material indices for minimizing cost

Identify the function, constraints, objective and free variables for the leaf spring design. Derive the material indices for minimizing cost and mass of material for the ident

Possible candidates for application

Decide which of the four fiber materi- als are possible candidates for this application, and for each candidate determine the required inside diameter consistent with the ab

Find de for the gaseous mixture

Find DE for the gaseous mixture.(Ans. 54 kJ)The same mixture expands through the same state path while a stirringdevice does 21 kJ of work on the system. Find ? E, W, and Q

Develop a spreadsheet calculator to solve

Assume no common use items. Onhandinventories are 200 units forM5 and 100 units for C5, zero for S2. Use a format similar to Table 41.2 and develop a spreadsheet calculator

Draw the shear force and bending moment diagrams

MECT 6322 - Computer Aided Engineering Deflection and reactions at the nodes and Draw the shear force and bending moment diagrams (using FEM) - Find the exact solution for the

Find the conservation principles

A particle moves freely in the gravitational field of a fixed mass distribution.- Find the conservation principles that correspond to the symmetries of the following fixed mas

Find the magnitude of the axial force

A steel bar of 100mm length tapers from 12mm×10mmfrom one end to 30mm×20mm at the other. If the stress in the bar is not to exceed 100mpa,find the magnitude of the axial for


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