Determine how many channels in the system are usable

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A 24 signal each of 5kHz base band bandwidth are FDM multiplexed using SSB sub carrier modulation. thecomposite multiplexed signal y(t) is frequency modulated using100MHz carrier frequency. the lowest frequencey of first channel ofthe multiplexed signal is20 kHz and no guard bands between thechannels, assume that each base band signal has th same normalizedpower. the channed with least noise has out put SNR of 50 dB.
a) Find the output SNR of channels No. 10 and No. 24
b) if the acceptable SNR is 35 dB how many channels in the system are usable

Reference no: EM13292230

Calculate the energy of an electron

The width of the potential well (Fig. 4.2) of an electron can be assumed to be about 2 A. Calculate the energy of an electron (in Joules and in eV) from this information for

Find the current i1 and the voltage v1 for the circuit

Assume that the voltage across each capacitor and the current through each inductor have reached their final values- Find the current I1 and the voltage V1 for the circuit of

Find the terminal voltage of the motor and power factor

A three phase synchronous motor has the synchronous reactance of 2.1 Ohm and draws 250 A with a lagging power factor for an excitation voltage of 1327 -15 degree per phase.

Define present value nd illustrate using time line with data

PRESENT AND FUTURE VALUES FOR DIFFERENT INTEREST RATES: Find the following values.  Compounding / discounting occurs annually. a. An initial $500 compounded for10 years a

Calculate the percent change in the output voltage

ECE 511: Analog Integrated Circuits Fall 2016 Assignment. If the intrinsic gain of each transistor were halved, and nothing in the circuit is redesigned (meaning all W/Ls sta

Design an active first order low pass filter

Use a capacitor, a resistor and an operational amplifier circuit to design an active first order low pass filter which passes frequencies that human can hear (below 15kHz). Sh

Determine whether the signals are period

Determine whether the follow signals are period and for those that are find the fundamental period. F: x(t) = cos(t)u(t) G: x(t) = v(t) + v(-t) where v(t) = cos(t)u(t) I: x[

Discuss the importance of electrical isolation

Discuss the importance of electrical isolation when interfacing microcontrollers to higher voltage inductive circuits (motors). Include detail of how electrical isolation c


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