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uestion: Reflection: You have completed a ten-week investigation into social change and the process of developing policy as a response to changes. Now, consider what this all could mean for your future professional life. Human services professionals are faced with a myriad of social change demands. In this course, we have focused primarily on the role of human service professionals in the development of social policies.

Compare your understanding of social change and public policy before you began this course with your current understanding. Has your understanding changed regarding the role of social change and public policy? If so, how has your understanding changed?

Reflect on your future role as a human services professional responding to social change and the need for policy development. Identify which sector or combination of sectors (government, for-profit, and non-profit) seem most attractive to your interests and explain why. Cite references and sources in APA format (required)

Reference no: EM132184240

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