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Question: Cut wings (ct) is an X chromosome (sex linked) recessive mutant of D melanogaster. Antennaless (al) is an autosomal recessive mutant. A cut, antennaless (homozygous) female is mated to a wild-type (homozygous) male. What progeny are expected in the F1?

The answer is cut males, wild type females.

Reference no: EM1382229

Human genome project-cloning-DNA fingerprinting

What are the following biotechnologies: Human genome project, cloning, DNA fingerprinting, genetic engineering, and stem cells? What are some pros and cons for each issue?

Describe the process of injury, inflammation and repair

Your child comes running inside the house crying after playing outside. To your horror you notice a rusty nail sticking out of their foot. Apparently they stepped on the nail.

Homophilic interactions between cells involve interactions

Which of the following statements about collagen is false? Homophilic interactions between cells involve interactions between. The basic structural polysaccharide of fungal ce

Replicate characteristics and genetic patter

Does a clone has the same fingerprints as the host? its arguable that a clone has replicate characteristics and genetic patter as the host. while forensic analysis feel this

Explain the phenotypic ratio and dihybrid

In the dihybrid cross shown below, genes A and B are linked with 10map units between them. A is completely dominant to a, and B is completely dominant to b, the phenotypic r

Light energy to chemicalenergy by autotrophic organisms

Photosynthesis is the conversion of light energy to chemicalenergy by autotrophic organisms (primarily plants). In the process,oxygen is released. Photosynthesis requires li

Maintaining biodiversity essential for human sustainability

Two species of garter snakes live in the same geographic area. One generally lives in water and the other mainly on land, so that they rarely encounter each other and do not i

Determine heritance of the miniature wing phenotype

Some of the Drosophila you are working with have miniature wings. Suppose you perform the following three crosses to determine the heritance of the miniature wing phenotype.


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