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Tell a story with a poster. Use the Paulo Freire approach to learn about policy. In 1962 Freire, a Brazilian educator, used peer-to-peer learning method to successfully teach illiterate sugar cane cutters how to read and write within weeks. Here is how it will work for us.

a. State (define the concept)

b. Elaborate (In other words ...)

c. Demonstrate how the concept is used

d. Create an icon/button for the concept.State: A decision making process in which all participants get a voice in making the decision

Elaborate: Voting is the expression of one's opinion in response to an impending decision. Voting can take place in both formal and informal settings. Common uses for voting are to indicate approval or disapproval of a proposal, motion, or candidate for office. Also, voting allows individuals to express their opinions on matters that are important to them, including government policies or casual interest such as where to eat dinner.

Those who participate in voting (the voters) are given a voice in the decision making process; however, that voice is not necessarily of equal weight relative to those of the other voters. Additionally, only people who meet certain criteria are permitted to participate in the voting. These criteria are determined by the group who issues the vote for making a decision.

Demonstrate: Voting Rights represent the criteria that determine the eligibility of an individual to participate in the voting process. For example, in national Presidential elections in the United States, voting rights are held by all US citizens 18 years and older who have registered to vote. Additionally, other criteria can eliminate one's eligibility vote, even if they meet all the other criteria for participating in voting. One example of such a restriction is that one must not be in prison in order to participate in a Presidential election.

Reference no: EM13965696

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