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Linda and Lydia are identical twins born to the single mother 25 years ago. Twins were adopted at birth. Linda went to the family who lived in rural west and Lydia to family who lived in urban south. After twenty years, local university in city where Lydia lived, found and estimated two twins as part of twin study they performed. Researchers were surprised to find that urban sister Lydia was not successful in high school and presently works in supermarket as checkout person. Linda, who was raised in rural west, had gone on to Ivy League college and is completing her fourth year of medical school at the time of interview. When Linda and Lydia met, they were eager to find out what factors accounted for this discrepancy in their levels of achievement. Determine the best way to approach issue of disparate development since their separation at birth? Use the information and research on Nature versus Nurture issue to explain what occurred to the identical twins.

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