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Details of the task Using Tesco plc ( as a case study, prepare a report of no more than 2,500 words that:

  • Identifies a potential target market for Tesco's future international expansion strategy. (This means that you must not choose an international market already served by Tesco; doing so will result in failing this assignment).
  • Analyses the macro-environmental characteristics of this market.
  • Critically analyses the external and internal environments of the firm, applying relevant theories and concepts.
  • Identifies the key strategic issues (opportunities and threats) the firm faces in expanding into this market
  • Evaluates the various options the firm may adopt in expanding into this market
  • Recommends actions to be taken to ensure that this strategic international expansion is a success for the firm. I ask that the work be written as unique and not be provide it from archives please.



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Reference no: EM13285573

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