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(1) Formulate a field work research project and design research instruments such as questionnaires and interview schedules

(2) Employ statistical software to conduct inferential statistical analytical procedures, and set up and solve a regression model.

(3) Identify the elements and applications of various qualitative research technologies and distinguish between deductive and inductive reasoning.

(4) Interpret research results and prepare a written report to communicate analytical findings and recommendations.

The Research methods Project will be conducted by groups around 4 or 5 students.


 - Screen the problem to solve (Review of literature)

 - Precise the variables (Stated in the problem)

 - State clearly the hypothesis (Revue of literature)

 - Write the questionnaire (one page and half maximum)

After reviewing and correcting the questionnaires by Doctors, students will conduct and finalize their surveys before the date of their Group-works.

For more explanation, follow up the Seven-Step Process in the Hypothetic-Deductive Method:

  • Identify a broad problem area
  • Define the problem statement
  • Develop hypotheses
  • Determine measures
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Interpretation of data

Notes: - Form the project teams: No more than five members will be in one team. The team members will select one member as a team leader. The team leader will be responsible for the coordination among all team members. The participation of all members is a must.


- Project Presentation: The final project will be presented by the team members. The members should respond to the instructor's or students questions




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Reference no: EM13718557

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