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I need a simple web site all details of the web site is on the web folder. the web site itself is in the power point. I want the same design from the power point to be applied on the web site. Also, all the pics and info you may find it in the zip file and as a note in the power point.

Web Design Project

The final project for the course requires the design and implementation of a comprehensive web site.

The project web site should, at a minimum, include the following. These should be viewed as MINIMUM technical requirements:
1. A design document
2. Use some HTML and advanced HTML features, including a form
3. Use Cascading Style Sheets
4. Use JavaScripts on the client side
5. Use server side scripting
6. Database connectivity

Completing item 1 demonstrates that a student has acquired a minimum of the exit competencies for the course. Item 2 is a crucial feature of any large scale web site design and may be dependent on the application framework utilized. An ill-planned site is a nightmare to maintain. Item 3 (attractiveness), is a very desirable feature of a site, but it takes a lot of time and user testing to come up with excellent graphical design which is outside the scope of this course. Item 4 requires a student to implement a technique or a feature that is not discussed in the class notes or the text. Web development frequently requires using open source code and documentation provided with tools and this is intended to encourage innovation in this area.

Attachment:- Project.rar

Reference no: EM13908984

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