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My web interface design class. 

You have been asked to design and implement a checkout form. Imagine that a user has been navigating an online store that sells a variety of sports equipment. The user has added a number of items to his or her shopping cart and is going through the checkout process to order the items online. The checkout page shows what the user bought and allows him or her to enter his or her information (name, address, credit card number, etc.) to complete the order. You are going to design this checkout form.

Step 1: Create Web Page in Dreamweaver
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Using what you learned in Weeks 1 to 4, create a web page that includes the following.

A title for the online store-you make one up!
A subtitle that says "Complete Your Order"
The items that the user ordered
One kayak with rudder for $775.00
One 10 L dry bag for $15.00
Two helmets for $50.00 each
The total cost for the order
Feel free to add a layout, style, color, and graphics to the page as you see fit.

Step 2: Add an HTML Form to the Page
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The page must include a way for the user to enter his or her
address (street, city, state/province, country);
phone number;
e-mail address;
preference for shipping or picking up the order;
credit card type (one of Visa, MasterCard, or American Express); and
credit card number.
There must also be a button to complete the order.
You should choose the appropriate form element for each input. For example, a textbox should be used for "name."

Create a simple HTML page with a heading level 1 that says "Thank You!" Save this as thanks.html.

Note: If this page was part of a real store, we would set the form action to a server script to handle the order. However, for the purpose of this lab, please set the form action to thanks.html. When a valid form is completed, the form will redirect to this page.

Step 3: Add Unobtrusive Validation to the HTML Form
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Include unobtrusive validation to the form. You must ensure that

name and address are not blank;
one of the ship or pick-up options is selected;
a credit card type is selected; and 
a credit card number is not blank.
If the form does not validate, notify the user and do not allow the form to submit. 

Reference no: EM13997100

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